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No more Virus or the Dust

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Your clean air provider.

In view of the evolving Novel Coronavirus situation, we care about the health of our beloved clients.




The Storm is the ultimate air purifier specially designed to provide
optimum air circulation, ensuring you breathe in clean air.


Real time air quality display

The color of the air outlet allows you to check the indoor air quality in real time


Intensive circulation
Fast to far away!

Even when you work in a distant space, It delivers clean air for quick care.


Multi circulation
Quick Fresh Air near you!

When a child and a companion animal play nearby Quickly care for sudden air pollution


General circulation
Even bigger space!

Evenly cleans the entire house, even in the invisible ultrafine dust.

*TIP! When used with air conditioning, clean and cool air spreads far and wide More effective.

Powerful filtration system

99.9% removal of 0.02µm fine particles

Coway`s four-stage differentiated air filter system

removes ultra-fine dust, bacteria, virus and doors to keep indoor air clean.

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Customized Filter

Deodorization Filter



Tested by KIMM(Korea institute of machinery and materials) 99.9% removal of 0.02㎛ micro particle with Coway Air Filter (*at maximum air flow in the airtight chamber for more than 60minutes)(2018.05.18by KIMM report)

1. Performance tested by KIMM(Korea institute of machinery and materials), to measure how long it takes to remove 99.9% of the 0.02㎛ fine particles when operating the air purifier,

Operated to measure the particle reduction rate over time (according to the internal standard of the KIMM) of the AP-1516D model (recommended coverage area 45m2 whit filters). in chamber and under environmental condition of the Korea air cleaning association (SPS-KACA 002-132, Indoor air purifier with Coway air filter performance test) after providing 20nm (0.2㎛)of particles into the chamber.

2.Particle removal rate by an air purifier operation is tested until the background concentration of 0.02㎛ particles reaches 1 X 105/cm3 in the test chamber (30.4m3) at temperature (˚C)20 ± 1 /Relative Humidity (%) 48 ± 1 %

3. Fine particle removal rate is tested in an air tight laboratory environment by a specific model of an air purifying device. Actual performance and test are subject change depending on the region and product specification.

*As a result of testing CA certification standards, the removal rate of removal of harmful gasses is 98% (30minutes of operation in the chamber),(Based on 2018.04. 28 CA Certificate)

1. Harmful gasses removal test is based on CA certification by model (recommended coverage area 45m2 with filters)for Ammonia, Acetic acid, Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde

2. Tested in the chamber (4.0 m3) at temperature (˚C)23 ± 5/ relative humidity (%)55 ± 15, and for deodorization test. The initial concentration of gas for testing is 10 ppm.

3. The harmful gasses removal rate is tested in an airtight chamber laboratory environment by a specific mode of an air purifying device based on a test standard of the Air Cleaning Association. The test is subject to change depending on the region and product specifications.


air filter airfilters airfilter

Rapid Air Care Mode

When you want to clean up quickly after going out, when you need to clean quickly with yellow dust and fine dust, multi, intensive, and general circulation are operated sequentially to take care of the whole house.


Multi 3min

Intensive 3min

General 3min


Air Care HEART Service

For fresh and clean water,

Coway Cody cares every filter replacement and service.

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