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Coway Water Purifier


All features of water purifier within a HANDSPAN of 18 cm

The ultra slim water purifier, which fits in small kitchens, provides all the features that you want.


More convenient

side-open type design

Convenient design suitable for a wide range of containers

– from an espresso cup to a huge size pot.

240N 물통.png
Energy Saving House.png

Ultra power saving heating & cooling water system

Both the instant heating water system that immediately

heat water at the time of extraction, and the high efficiency electronic cooling water system effectively reduce energy consumption.


1) Water Quality Association NSF/ANSI 42-2011 Section 7.4, Particulate Class / Standard Test Results

2) Korea Environment Water Institute (KEWI)'s standard test results according to Article 43 of management of Drinking Water Act and the Ministry of Environment Announcement on 'Designation of Water Purifier Standard Specification and Inspection Bodies

3)NoroGene Research Center's water purification performance standard test results

(Flow 2.0LPM, PH 6.5-8.5, end-point of filter life, Murine Norovirus)

Handspan Water Purifier


WQA certification

Tank Capacity

Filters & Sizes



Dimensions (W x D x H) 


Net Weight

Handspan (Chp-240N)

NSF/ANSI 42, 53

Ambient Water   Direct flow

Cold Water      1.35l / 0.35 gal

Hot Water       Instant Heating

Nano Filter 6"

Inno Filter 6"

181 x 375 x 420 mm /

7.1 x 14.8 x 16.5 inch

8.5 kg/ 18.7 lb

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