Coway Trust⁺ Plus Program

Safeguarding your breath and water consumption

We care a healthy and convenient life for everyone around the world. We aim at promoting the idea of clean water and air to enhance a healthy lifestyle. With Coway trust Plus⁺ Program, consumers can locate the institutes, shops and restaurants with Coway products providing clean water and fresh air.

All participating companies of the Coway Trust⁺ Plus Program have committed to join the membership maintenance service provided by Coway. Membership maintenance service is a regular on-site service provided by Coway own technician team to keep the products clean and work in the best condition. All companies participating in the Coway Trust⁺ Plus Program will post the "Coway Membership" sticker in a visible location so, consumers can easily identify reliable clean water supply with confidence.

Code of Practice

Member company must meet and fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Using Coway’s water purifier or air purifier with membership service

  2. Membership service must not be suspended for more than three months

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Member company must have a proper business with Business Registration in Hong Kong or Macau.

  2. Coway has the right to terminate the agreement and take back the sticker if the company fail to maintain the membership service more than 3 months

  3. Members must follow the recommendation of the membership plan suggested by Coway

Contact Us

If you are using Coway products and you want to be part of our Coway member, please contact us for more information.

Any inquiry please contact us at +852 2334 5660


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