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Simplifying Your Lifestyle.


It is contemporary. It is compact. It fits in everywhere.
Our water purifier is all you need for your convenient daily clean water intake. 


Simplifying Your Lifestyle.

Our slim design Fits anywhere


The slim size of 19.2 cm allows installation 

anywhere and fits into any space.

This product is perfect for those who are burdened

with the use of water purifier

because of large Size.

P08 page handle.png

Simple & Easy

The rotating dial mode allows easy use and reduces
the burden on the wrist. You can easily and continuously
extract ambient water by turning the dial to the end.

No-power system
that makes you free from worries about electricity bills



The no-power system allows you to economically use
the essential water purification features without worries
about electricity bills. The power code is not required
so the water purifier can be installed anywhere

P-08 NoPower.png

Ferry Water Purifier

Colour Silver&White

Filters :

Neo Sense (Plus Sediment+ Pre-carbon)

Ro Filter/ Nano Filter

Inno Sense (Post carbon + Fine) 


Tank Capacity : 3.5L

Filtration Capacity : 3.2L/Hour

Dimensions : 192 x 430 x 434mm

Net Weight : 4.9KG


Water Care HEART Service

For your health and clean water,

Coway Cody cares every filter replacement and service

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