Experience Our Heart Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority

For every Coway Product you have purchsed or rented, Coway reaches at your doorstep periodically for its special maintenance service.

We will make sure your Coway product works at its best condition, because we believe excellent products alway comes with the best service.

Products can not be New Forever

Machine has lifetime, it can be shorter or longer. Their lifetime depends on maintenance.

There are various factors which affect on filter’s lifetime. Sometimes it can be installation location even. But, you don’t need to worry about that with Coway. Coway brings professional technicians to your door steps reguarly.

Heart Service Kit (Customer-specific service kits)

Coway Water Purifier Service Kit is a customer-specific management tool that is disposed of after one use for hygienic management.

New Filter

Service Kit

Used Filter

Filter Change

Water Tank Tissue

Exterior Tissue

Cleaning Gloves

Clean stick for faucet care

Air Purifier

Filter Change

Detail Cleaning

Product Functionality


Product Cleaning

Water Purifier

Filter Change

Product Sanitation

Product Functionality


Water Tank Cleaning


Sterilization System


Coway HEART Service uses HiCare (SPS-01) to provide high Performance sterilization to our customer's product with the water electrolysis technology, free from bacteria and microorganisms.

Any inquiry please contact us at +852 2334 5660


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